Rosemarie Mac Sweeney – Researcher, University College Cork

  • Speaker Bio:

    Rosemarie has a Masters Degree in Architecutre from CIT, and two Post Graduate Certificates, one in Sustainable Development from the University of Exeter, and one in Environmental Sustainability from UCD.

    After graduating as an Architectural Technician in the 1990’s and working in the construction industry in Dublin and Cork for over a decade, Rosemarie now works as an Academic Researcher in the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit in the Civil Engineering Building at University College Cork.

    The CPPU is currently engaged in several projects, including an EU Horizon2020 funded project entitled Newtrend. NewTREND seeks to improve the energy efficiency of the existing European building stock and to improve the current renovation rate by developing a new participatory integrated design methodology targeted to the energy retrofit of buildings and neighbourhoods, establishing energy performance as a key component of refurbishments.

    Presentation Title:

    Collaborative & Participatory Design for Sustainability

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Topics covered will include:

    • Summary of CPPU’s work areas and projects
    • Outline of the EU Horizon2020 funded NewTREND Project
    • NewTREND Aims and Objectives
    • Research Methods
    • Stakeholder identification and engagement
    • Design Processes
    • Power & Participation
    • The Value Action Gap
    • Decision Making
    • Behaviour Change
    • Recommendations
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