Ronan Keane – Analyst, Programmer, Technical Lead, Founder, RK Software

  • Speaker Bio:

    Ronan Keane (B.Sc (eng) Mechanical Engineering) has been immersed in the work of specialist contractors since 1988 when he got his first job as a trades assistant and labourer on a project site. Following college graduation, he worked as project engineer for a variety of contractors at home and abroad, until he became fascinated by the potential of IT to streamline business activities in the sector.

    In 2001 he began making early presentations to Irish contractors about new IT technology becoming available for estimating, document control, building information modeling, and other construction management and collaboration software solutions. Later the same year he worked in a lead role on a CIF programme to increase the general adoption of IT among small to medium sized Irish contractors, incorporating a research initiative to ascertain use of IT throughout the sector, and aspirations for use of IT in the sector. Also some early work on the adoption of industry standards was carried out, especially looking towards existing initiatives in the UK.

    Since then he has worked analysing, designing and developing IT software solutions for this sector. His knowledge of the business activities and needs of this sector feed back into intuitively understanding real customer requirements and driving the design and implementation of powerful database-centric business applications for specialist contractors, delivered over the web.

    Presentation Title:

    Requirements and designs in software projects – a minimal approach to getting it right.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Inadequate requirements and designs lead to significant headaches in software initiatives for end users, developers, and stakeholders. This presentation looks at where the problems arise from, what happens in the business when not done adequately, and what can be done about it.


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