Paul Marsden – Head of Quality, Horizon Nuclear Power

  • Paul has over twenty years’ experience in quality management in banking, telecoms, aerospace and construction and he is a Chartered Quality Professional with the CQI.


    Title: “Digital Quality Management in Construction – adapting quality management to digital construction”

    Synopsis: The Quality Manager of 2020 needs to understand the technology to develop new processes and design and digest data and information. The digital capability of the profession needs to rapidly develop to keep up with the potential of using technology so that it is resilient to ongoing changes and avoid the need to call on IT specialists. New requirements include; being licensed to fly drones, design AI systems, data science skills in business analytics, skilled in AR use, computer science understanding to liaise with IT specialists, basic software programming, commitment to lifelong digital learning, integration of QM into social media platforms, knowledge management theory, basic cyber security and InfoSec.

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