Kieran Rose – Co-chair of GLEN

  • Speaker Bio:

    Kieran is a Member of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, co-chair of GLEN. Kieran initiated the vacant land levy, he suggested to Oisin Quinn as he was about to be elected Lord Mayor of Dublin in 2013 that he might include a vacant land levy as part of his work programme for his year in office. Kieran researched and drafted the detailed submission to Government proposing the vacant land levy. A levy is now enacted in the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015.

    Researched and drafted the current Dublin City Council standards for apartments, a quantum leap in the quality of this type of housing (2007).

    He is Advisory Board Member of the Center for the Theory of Change in New York

    Researched, written and lectured widely on a range of issues including planning , social justice and the city, Regeneration, human rights and equality, and economic development issues. One of his current interests is how the new statutory duty on public bodies to have regard to human rights and equality in the carrying out of their functions, might be implemented in terms of planning and the city.

    Presentation Title:

    Right policies robustly implemented can tackle housing crisis

    Presentation Synopsis:

    There is a range of simple and easy to implement measures that can do much to tackle the housing crisis. Preventing land hoarding is critical. Legislation should be introduced based on the model of the Residential Property Tax, where the owners of vacant development land would have to put a value on the site and pay an increased levy of 8% immediately or sell the site. There are too many vacant State lands and these must be brought into play for residential development and other uses. Nama should be pressured to move quickly on their residential sites and publish progress reports bi-monthly. Bord Pleanála should prioritise appeals on large housing developments to get decisions out quickly, while still retaining proper planning standards. The board should make progress reports publicly available. The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission needs to carry out an investigation into the development land market and the construction industry to see if there is evidence of monopolistic practices.

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