Kevin Maughan – CEO, UrbanVolt

  • Speaker Bio:

    Kevin is CEO of UrbanVolt.

    With a background in corporate finance, Kevin and two his co-founders Declan Barrett and Graham Deane created UrbanVolt in order to make sustainability easy for all businesses. Removing all financial barriers, the company carries out energy efficiency projects for zero capital cost while also reducing energy usage and energy cost.

    As a result of its innovative offering, UrbanVolt was recently recognised as the Service Startup of the Year by Bank of Ireland.

    Previous to UrbanVolt, Kevin founded Novaerus in 2010 which became one of the fastest growing medical device companies in Ireland. Kevin took Novaerus from startup to $40M+ valuation in 36 months and was responsible for establishing both the American market and building a successful 28+ distributor sales channel across Europe.

    His previous positions include CEO of Caterpillar Ireland and Director of Merrill Lynch’s Financial Advisory Centres in EMEA.

    Presentation Title:

    Making Sustainable Easy

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Energy prices have increased at over eight times the rate of corporate earnings in the last decade, despite recent reductions in oil prices.

    So the fact is that energy efficiency is one of the largest and most predictable savings that any business can make. However, carrying out an energy efficiency project usually costs time and money and involves a world of headaches. As a result, many people push these projects far down the list of priorities.

    But what if these projects were easy? What if someone else did the assessment of the premises, project-managed the entire process, and even looked after all the maintenance well into the future? And at no capital cost. What could be easier?

    Now that this full solution is finally a reality, reducing consumption is no longer going to be an arduous task – it will be one of the easiest things businesses can do to immediately and permanently reduce their energy consumption and cost.


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