Ken Stowe – Worldwide Construction Business Development, Autodesk

  • Speaker Bio:

    Ken Stowe is Autodesk’s Construction domain expert and relationship builder with Contractors.  He is currently focusing on increasing the opportunity presented with a BIM implementation in developed economies.

    He is concentrating his efforts on advising building construction technology Leaders and Executives to develop a deep understanding of the financial benefits of the comprehensive use of BIM in all phases, and for all stakeholders in their eco-system.

    Ken has gathered financial performance metrics from research and case studies on projects around the world.  Those metrics form the foundation of his structured and proved BIM ROI workshop.  Ken has also taken the ROI methods to Owners and Infrastructure Contractors.  His success is measured by the number of Major Construction companies that increase their contract amount of the agreements with Autodesk and their satisfaction with consulting.

    Ken is based in Northern New England, USA.

    Presentation Title:

    BIM for Contractors – This is what company leaders need to know!

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Your leadership team is facing a challenge.  BIM and its associated technologies are coming to Ireland, and already here for some.  It’s disruptive technology.  It’s new and untracked territory. On top of the leadership’s regular job, they must now craft a plan for an additional assignment – to guide your company through a transformation as the BIM environment demands vital new skills and attitudes.

    This brief presentation will present an introduction to a structured and logical approach to help you sustain the best attributes of your current organisation and help you create lean savings in every phase, gain competitive advantage and meet the expectations of the newly demanding customers.

    Ken’s talk will give you a taste for his statistic and research based proven methodology around calculating a BIM Return on Investment.

    Make it a Performance Initiative…not a BIM initiative.  Make it purposeful.  Make it inspirational.

    There will be more detailed follow up sessions with Ken at 11.30 and 1.30 to go into further detail around his proven research, and demonstrate how every BIM stakeholder can benefit from these powerful new tools.

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