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    A ten year career utilising UAV technology across a broad range of industries from military to O&G.  1000’s of operational hours both domestically and internationally.


    Joined the British army in 2005 and started to fly UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) for various organisations like the ANA (Afghan National Army) to the Iraqi Army and NATO, specialising in the field of ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting & Acquisition and reconnaissance). America specialising in MUAV (Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) around 7kg and TUAV (Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) at 450kg.


    Left the military in 2012 joining the Oil & Gas market conducting inspections utilising sub 7kg UAS technology.  I worked with large groups of companies like shell, BP, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Petro Vietnam, Statoil and may others delivering inspection reports on many different structures. I operated both offshore and onshore on an international scale working out in Vietnam, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Denmark and the North Sea (Aberdeen). I also generated documentation for procedures and training to ensure that a ISSOW (Integrated Safe Systems of Work) was created and maintained. This later meant that the company became a registered NQE (National Qualified Entity) for the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to conduct high level UAS training to different organisations.


    Seeing the decline in O&G I then moved across to Leica Geosystems (LGS) as the Technical Specialist/Manager to learn about a new market and new technologies. While in LGS I was responsible for all aspects of the UAS capabilities from the demonstration element to future developments to the effective distribution of the system.  I created all the UAS documentation that in turn gained LGS their PFAW (Permission for Aerial Work) thus meaning that all demonstrations that were undertaken were legal and safe. 


    Now I am the Director of murphyUAV, we specialise in data collection utilising UAV technologies operating within the Surveying and Engineering industry. MurphyUAV is taking a pragmatic approach to the industry within Ireland & UK, we believe that data is the most important aspect of our business and the only way our customers are going to get high quality data is by us investing in both the highest quality equipment and software’s.  MurphyUAV is another tool that is utilised across the Murphy services range and beyond.


    Presentation Title:


    UAV & BIM: Enhancing Effectiveness




    Looking at how UAV technology can be integrated within the BIM cycle and why it is an important tool (to utilize) due to its ability to capture more indepth data (providing greater analysis).

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