George Harold – CEO, Integrated Facilities Solutions

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    IFS are leading specialists in Digital Information for the whole Building & Asset lifecycle; we coordinate, secure, share and deliver quality approved information associated with projects to the construction team and building owner. We provide cloud-based building information management software & services for the Design & Construction, Digital Handover and Facilities Management & Operations stages of a buildings lifecycle.

    Construction Handover Documentation and Asset information is pivotal to the successful handover and future operation of buildings and infrastructural assets, our products and services have been implemented for over 100 different clients on 500+ capital projects. Organisations specify our product & services for their new and planned Capital Projects to guarantee a high standard, customisable solution in keeping with the key characteristics of projects, current regulatory compliance and industry best practice for their building & asset information.

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    Project Handover in the industry today

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    The standard of Construction Handover Documentation today according to BSRIA has actually decreased since 2005. With the economic downturn hitting the construction industry hardest it’s no surprise that building owners left are with un-manageable boxes of paper based construction documentation, along with multiple CD’s/USBs  of unstructured PDFS at the handover stage. The limited communication with zero documentation quality approval during the construction stage can have huge financial implications. Building owners are left with very little chance on making life-cycle savings and instead are left with increasing operation costs. As structure and procedures are non-existent the task of managing information can become extremely difficult after Project Handover. As the documents contain important operational information this lack of structure and transparency is detrimental to the management and life-cycle of the building asset. Limited communication with zero documentation quality approvals during the construction stage can have huge financial implications, in a report from the US “Operations and maintenance personnel spent US $4.8 billion annually, verifying that documentation accurately represented existing conditions, and another US $613 million transferring that information into a useful format”

    With new policy and regulations around how documentation should be processed, collated, reviewed and approved our specification promotes best practice and ensures clients requirements are being met along with taking the onus off the Main Contractor. The key to a successful Digital Handover is how it is Specified, a detailed high performance specification lays the foundations for how handover documentation & information should be collated, managed and structured while highlighting the role of a qualified and experienced Digital Construction Handover Co-ordinator who is appointed to communicate & coordinate this information with all parties from project commencement to project handover.

    IFS are in the tops 1% of the industry on LinkedIn with our blogs being shared worldwide by key professionals worldwide and has generated some great feedback & discussion.

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