Eimear O’ Carroll – CTO, Restored Hearing

  • Speaker Bio:

    Eimear O’ Carroll is the co-founder and CTO of Restored Hearing which has two main products – Sound Bounce, the tunable acoustic material, and Sound Relief, online tinnitus sound therapy.

    Eimear works on product creation, IP building, and focuses on the commercialisation of these technologies. She builds strategic global partnerships with market leaders and innovators which is a key driver of adoption for Restored Hearing’s technologies.

    Presentation Title:

    Smart Acoustic Materials in Tomorrow’s Buildings

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Noise is a problem in a wide variety of structures, from newly built apartments to centuries old buildings. While existing solutions have many limitations in terms of space required and low frequency absorption, smart materials may provide novel ways of absorbing noise in new and existing structures.

    This talk is the story of an Irish company who’ve developed a smart tunable acoustic material which break the mould on the acoustic materials of old.

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