Dr Vincent Carragher – Community Facilitation & Sustainable Energy Transition Expert

  • Speaker Bio:

    Community facilitator, education practitioner, applied researcher and lecturer fostering sustainability, resilience and behaviour change with and for communities. Significant training and experience in Resource Management, Energy Management and Carbon Management for and with communities, schools and SMEs. A specialist in facilitating relevant actors to measure their resource consumption and then to reinterpret it and develop solutions to lower it.  Solutions include input of technical knowledge where needed but are generated by the actors and communities and include motivating sustainable-behaviour change in relation to water, waste, transport, energy and food consumption practices and use significant cases studies and experience in areas such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. Methods include Social Learning, Effective Communication, Discursive Based Approaches, Analytic Deliberation, Reinterpretation, Inquiry Based Education, Community Based Participatory Approaches, actor upskilling/training, Sustainability Indicator Assessment, Ecological Footprinting, and all Participatory and Discursive Processes. The overall ambition is to foster engagement, empowerment and green transition in communities and their schools and also in SMEs.

    Material Flow Analysis for over 95 Irish communities spanning the rural-urban divide working with schools, Community Based Organisations and residents across the country. Fostered the deeper energy and resource use reduction in 21 communities and most recently working on the resource use measurement and green transition of Cloughjordan Ecovillage. Interventions usually achieve reductions in energy or resource use between 10 and 40%. Empowered communities listed in document below.

    Writing related funding proposals for Universities in Ireland and Europe which aim to bring the relevant actors together across Europe.

    Presentation Title:

    Driving Sustainable Energy Projects (at the community scale)

    Presentation Synopsis:

    It will summarise aspects of my research and I attach a document summarising my current research, the link below entitled research website also summarises my research.

    The presentation will identify drivers of sustainable energy projects which various members of the construction industry can utilise to maximise success in projects.

    Many of these are hidden and obvious at the business scale but looking at them from the community scale enables identification and characterisation of these drivers.

    Currently we have identified close to 90 factors which drive such projects and we intend to cover a few of the more potent drivers in the presentation due to time restrictions.

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