Dr. Amir Tabaković – Marie Curie Research Fellow, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands,

  • Speaker Bio:

    Dr. Tabakovic is a graduate from DIT Bolton St. He was awarded BEng in Mechanical Engineering in 2001 and a MPhil in 2003. He successfully completed his PhD in UCD in 2007. His PhD focussed on asphalt recycling. Between 2008 and 2015 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in UCD, where the focus of his work was evaluating recycling technologies for asphalt pavement rehabilitation. He was then awarded a Marie Curie Inter European Fellowship and began working  as a Marie Curie Fellow in Delft University of Technology in January 2015. His research in Delft focusses on the development of self-healing technology for asphalt pavements.

    Presentation Title:

    Self-healing Asphalt for Road Pavements

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Self-healing technology is a new field within material technology. It represents a revolution in materials engineering and is changing the way that materials behave. Incorporating self-healing technology into the road design process has the potential to transform the road construction and maintenance processes by increasing the life span of roads and eliminating the need for road maintenance. By decreasing the unnecessary premature ageing of the asphalt pavements self-healing asphalt will reduce the amount of natural resources used to maintain the road network, decrease the traffic disruption caused by road maintenance processes, decrease CO2 emissions during the road maintenance process and increase road safety. As well as environmental savings, self-healing materials have the potential to deliver significant cost savings for road network maintenance across the EU. Currently there are only two self-healing technologies available for asphalt pavement design; nanoparticles, induction heating and rejuvenation. Dr. Tabaković reviews both options and outlines the future development of the self-healing asphalt technology for asphalt pavements.

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