Colm Daly- CEO of Homesecure

  • Speaker Bio:

    Colm Daly is CEO of Homesecure. Homesecure is Ireland’s fastest growing Home Alarm & Home Monitoring company. Homesecure currently protects over 6000 Irish households. Homesecure offers protection through SIM Card and also Broadband and is first to the market to use Z Wave technology through its alarm system to create home automation. Homesecure has over 800 connected homes through this means and will be rolling out Home Automation products such as Heating control, Lighting control, energy monitoring. All of this can be controlled directly through an App or automatically through geolocation.

    Homesecure will be looking for partners in the construction industry to create a value add for new homes or retrofitting current homes


    Title of Presentation;

    The SMART and Protected Home

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Colm Daly will run through the benefits of developing a SMART Home. This is through Z Wave technology and Homesecure’s ‘Zerowire’ alarm panel. The alarm panel acts as ‘the hub in the home’ which can supply 24/7 Alarm monitoring as well as full Smart Home control. The system is wireless which enables an easier install for bth new projects and retrofitting current homes.

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