Brian Molloy – Inspector Health and Safety Authority

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    Brian Molloy joined the Health & Safety Authority in 2006 as a Construction Inspector for the South East region of Ireland. During his time in the Authority he has also worked in the Construction Policy Unit where he helped develop and roll out the Safety Management Pack for Small Contractors (SMP20) along with Codes of Practice and guidance for the construction industry. In 2011 Brian joined the Taking Care of Business Unit which the Authority set up to help small business comply with health and safety regulation. In his time with the Taking Care of Business Unit Brian has overseen and managed the development of the website, the provision of hazard assessments for construction and the small business sectors used in

    Presentation Title: for Construction

    Presentation Synopsis: for construction is a free resource which has been developed by the Health and Safety Authority to help contractors prepare a free site specific safety statement and risk assessment for their business. Currently we have over twenty business types developed for the construction sector. The talk will give an overview of and will outline the key features of the resource along with an update of future developments of the resource.

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