Woodhouse Ireland

We design & build workspaces that help businesses work smarter
Woodhouse is a family business that combines a reputation for innovation with a long history of excellence in construction. For more than 40 years Woodhouse has been helping organisations achieve high-quality workspaces that are crafted to their needs.
Designing and building workspaces is about more than aesthetics; it’s about helping you achieve more with less. Woodhouse can help you identify your needs and build a space that is fine-tuned to support your organisation. We believe that your workspace should enable performance today while also giving you the room to grow.
Your workspace should reflect your identity and your values. We design workspaces around the needs of the end user – so you’ll notice that every office, warehouse and medical facility we design is as unique as our clients.
We’re here to meet clients’ needs, but it’s equally important to us that we do what we think is right, and to make a stand for what we believe in.
Our freedom means we can hand-pick perfect furnishings for every client, without being limited to suppliers or manufacturers.
To find out more about us & to browse our completed projects visit https://woodhouseworkspace.com/

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