KAZ d.o.o. is a Croatian company with offices in Zagreb and London, which is well-known in many European countries for solving rising (capillary) damp issues as well as after-flood building sanation. We are present on the market for more than eighteen years and our dedicated work has resulted with great experience that we share with our clients, and many references which are our greatest assets.

PROsystem capillary rising damp elimination system using electro-osmosis has been successfully used for many years. This elimination system is extremely fast and efficient for damp walls affected by capillary damp. Especially in the case of floods, when capillary damp remains in the walls due to waterproofing crack bridging. PROsystem is ecological, economical and does not require any construction work.

PROsystem is suitable primarily for older buildings without adequate waterproofing, especially for facilities of great cultural and historical value, such as castles, manor houses, religious facilities, museums, and all other buildings regardless of their purpose. A large number of reference objects of invaluable cultural and historical value (including those under UNESCO protection) and satisfied customers confirm the commercial success.

Our references can be found here:

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