HEATESE is the revolutionary new central heating system that can save you 80% on your current oil bill.

  • Unlike heat pumps and boilers, HEATESE stores a large volume of heated water, so there is no extra cost in relation to pre-heating.
  • HEATESE​ ​heats​ ​its​ ​surfaces​ ​indirectly,​ ​instead​ ​of​ ​directly​ ​as​ ​boilers​ ​do.
  • HEATESE uses a lower fuel pressure and a smaller nozzle, producing a smaller flame than other systems. This means HEATESE uses a lot less fuel when it’s on compared to other heating systems.
  • In a 3/4 bedroom home, the burner in HEATESE has a running cycle of just 12 minutes in every 45 minutes cycle. A typical boiler has a running cycle of 22.5 minutes on in every 45 minutes cycle.


    Carnisle, Ballivor, Co. Meath,Ireland, C15 C793

    Tel: 046 954 6616

    Website: https://heatese.com/