GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies, formerly known as Grace Construction Products, is a specialty building materials company providing waterproofing solutions for some of the most important and complex construction projects around the world including transit systems, hospitals, shopping malls, museums, stadiums, hotels, residential buildings, industrial parks and government buildings. For more than 50 years, customers have relied on GCP’s expansive product portfolio, innovation and technical expertise, customer service from needs assessment, design specification and all the way to project completion, value-added solutions and vast global network. As an industry leader, GCP has challenged industry standards with waterproofing solutions that protect the entire building envelope with products such as Preprufe®, Preprufe® Plus, Silcor®, Bituthene®, Adprufe®, Adcor®, Bentorub® and Hydroduct®. Its patented Advanced Bond Technology™ allows products to aggressively bond directly to concrete creating an impermeable seal that out performs conventional bonding methods that require a mesh-like interface to attach to concrete structures. High performance, durability and flexibility on site and easy application are key characteristics of GCP’s products that add value with cost and time savings. GCP is committed to developing market driven innovation technologies, optimizing knowledge, product performance and partnerships that build trust.



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