Climate Control Renewables

Climate Control Renewables specialise in Renewable Energies with a focus on Heat Pumps, Heat recovery ventilation and heat recovery from various sources such as waste water, refrigeration systems, server rooms etc. We have been in business since 2004 and have a reputation for installing high quality, high performance heating and ventilation systems.

We are main agents in Ireland for Heliotherm heat pumps and Salda ventilation systems. Heliotherm are an Austrian company producing heat pumps with the highest certified performance figures in Europe. They produce heat pumps in all sizes to suit from domestic houses all the way up to large commercial systems (5-550kw). They manufacture the most comprehensive range of heat pumps on the market including Brine to Water, Water to Water, Air to Water and DX heat pumps.

Salda are a Lithuanian company that produces a large range of heat recovery and ventilation systems for everything from apartments to industrial buildings and with air movements from 200m3/hr to 100,000m3/hr.

Climate Control can provide solutions for domestic installations, developments, Commercial and industrial projects in both the new and retrofit market and in areas such installing Heat pumps for heating and/or cooling, using ground coupled boreholes to passively cool a building, Recovering energy from the waste water, recovering energy from the extract air and recovering energy from the refrigeration plant.

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