Bioquell specialise in the design, manufacture and application of complete bio-decontamination solutions for Life Science and Healthcare sectors. Our hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology is effective on airborne and surface contamination. The process is fast, repeatable, validatable and residue-free.
Bioquell HPV systems can be integrated with facilities’ Building Management Systems for the decontamination of rooms/areas or with equipment such as pass-through chambers and processing lines. Whether retrofitted or integrated into the design of a new facility, Bioquell HPV bio-decontamination systems are fully flexible and particularly suited to GMP environments.

Bioquell also provide bio-decontamination services for the commissioning of new buildings or after refurbishment works within an existing facility. Deployments are also available for facilities and equipment which require decommissioning.

As well as decontamination systems, Bioquell have developed an isolation solution mainly targeted at hospitals with a lack of single occupancy rooms. The Bioquell Pod is a unique product designed to limit the spread of pathogens in open ward environments whilst offering visibility. It is individually tailored to any bed space and can be easily decontaminated. Equipped with an HEPA filter and specialist lighting, the Bioquell Pod can also be used for other applications where a quick-to-install enclosure is required.

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